Horse Whispers



I the under signed hereby acknowledge that I understand the dangers involved and connected to riding and interacting with horses and its related activities. I am aware that the horse rides may be in remote areas which may be inaccessible and without direct medical facilities.

I also understand that Horse Whispers will do their reasonable best to ensure my safety and whilst the horses are well trained, they may , due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Horse Whispers, act unpredictably, which is not always under the control of the Guide and accordingly injury may be caused to my person, or my property.

Notwithstanding the above fact I choose to ride on the back of a horse and agree that  may, for reasonable unforeseen reasons, be injured or that my property may be damaged and I therefore indemnify Horse Whispers, their employees and/ or agents against any such claims that I may have against them whether directly or indirectly as a result of any injury to my person or damages caused to my property.

I agree to wear the safety helmets which are provided by Horse Whispers for the duration of the activity.